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GE-Path: Make Path for GoogleEarth Free


v 1.4.6  


Compatible with Google Earth version 6.1  


  • Read kml file saved by Google Earth
  • Link the placemarks (simple or arrowed lines)
  • Add sequential numbers and/or append the coordinates to the placemark's names
  • Calculate distances between placemarks
  • Calculate route (bearing) to the next placemark
  • Add distances, routes and/or coordinates to the placemarks description
  • Draw horizontal and/or vertical grids (equally spaced or not)
  • Draw regular polygons  around placemarks
  • Calculate path's length/perimeter
  • Calculate the area delimited by several placemarks (or by path waypoints)
  • Save the resulting kml file and export it to Google Earth
  • Save data as txt (comma delimited)(v 1.3.0)
  • Copy from clipboard(v 1.3.0)
  • Export data to Excel(v 1.3.0)
  • Directly input edit data(v 1.3.0)
  • Sort and edit data(v 1.3.0)
  • Fill polygon(v 1.3.0)
  • Choose line width for path and polygon(v 1.4.0)
  • Automatic set (and restore on exit)  the decimal separator (if necessary)(v 1.4.0)
  • Use of altitude for place names/icons, path and polygons(v 1.4.0)
  • Compatible with Google Earth version 4 (v 1.4.1)
  • Fixed bug for small area calculation (v 1.4.3)
  • Compatible with Google Earth version 5 (v 1.4.4)
  • Fixed ecGrid.ocx installer bug (v 1.4.4a)
  • Compatible with GE 6.1(v 1.4.5)
  • Minor bugs fixed (AltitudeMode)

The users of GoogleEarth Plus and Pro could also use it to calculate area and/or
total path distance from saved Path files (kml)

The previous versions of GE-Path have a bug in the calculation of the surface's area, for small areas. This bug came from the use of a single algorithm (spherical polygons) to calculate areas of any size.  The present version continue to use this algorithm for large areas calculation and made available also another algorithm for small  area calculations, based on the conversion of the coordinates  to UTM system .  Now you choose the method: Small for areas smaller then 1000 ha (2500 acres) and Large for larger areas.
See also Technical Specifications (Area and Distance error specifications)

Download the full installer of GE-Path 1.4.6  (2900 k)
(unzip the file in a temporary folder and run setup.exe)
If the installer fails to register the ecGrid.ocx control, please register it with Register Dll Tool

If you have already installed the previous version you can download only the updated executable and the help file. Unpack in the application directory and update your shortcuts.

Download updated executable 1.4.6  (85 k)

Requires vb6 runtimes  and 

Download previous version (GE-Path 1.4.4a)

Use it just for fun.

Take a look in the Help File (gepath1_4_3.chm) (408k)

Support, bugs report / comment / suggest

Version history

Version 1.4.6 19/02/2012

  • Fixed sintax of AltitudeMode options (clampToGround)

Version 1.4.5 20/11/2011

  • Compatible with GE 6.1.0
  • Cumulative distance

Version 1.4.4a 01/08/2009

  • Installer bug fixed

Version 1.4.4 15/02/2009

  • Compatible with Google Earth 5.0

Version 1.4.3 15/08/2008

  • Fixed small areas calculation

Version 1.4.2 25/08/2007

  • Minor bugs removal

Version 1.4.1 14/06/2006

  • Compatible with GE version 4 (Beta)

Version 1.4.0 24/05/2006

  • Choose line width for path and polygon
  • Automatic set (and restore on exit) the decimal separator (if necessary)
  • Use of altitude for place names/icons, path and polygons

Version 1.3.0 19/04/2006

  • make regular polygons
  • fill polygons
  • save and read text files
  • copy from and export to Excel
  • input data directly into de application
  • sort and edit data
  • preserve accents in place names and descriptions
  • new interface

Version 1.2.03 02/03/2006

  • help file included
  • read Path file
  • option to remove placemark's names and icon
  • presents the input file name
  • added minimize button

Version 1.2.02 05/02/2006

  • fixed LookAt tag
  • few error handling routines added

Quick start

1. Create a folder in GE and create, move or copy  your place marks there, or create a Path file (GE-Plus and Pro).

2. Save it as KML file;

3. Open the file with GE-Path;

4. Choose your options and click in 'Run';

5. Choose a file name when prompted and save it.


Download this sample (.kmz)

Calculate area and perimeter

Thanks to Terry Pinnell for the input Path file

Please report bugs / comment / suggest

Technical Specification


We created, in Google Earth, 22 placemarks with distances from each other ranging from 3.500 km to 6 meters. With the ruler tool, in GE, we made careful measurements. Then we have compared these measurements with the ones made with GE-Path, as presented in the figure below.  You can download  the Excel file with the data (coordinates and distances) presented here (The area data is also included) . You can download also the kml file with the placemarks used.

Up to 1,000 km the distance error in GE-Path is almost zero. In 3,500 km the error increases to -1% which corresponds to 35 km.


We have choosen, around the world, six areas with size ranging from 200 square meters to more than 1 million square kilometers. We got the actual size of each area from information available in the internet. Each area was then measured with GE-Path. The error (%) is the difference between the actual area and the measured area divided by the actual area and multiplied by 100.   You can download  the Excel file with the data presented here (the distance data is also included) and the kml file with the areas coordinates.

The error ranges from -1% to 1% well distributed around the zero error line and seems to be due to the localization of the polygons (placemarks) in Google Earth.

The bug in the installer of the application is fixed in this version (2.2.2a) thanks to the contribution of John Davies

Cocoa Research Center (CEPLAC/CEPEC)
Ilheus, Bahia