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Climogram is a classic form of representation of the climate, what allows in a simple way, the comparison of the climatic variation between two or more areas. 

The climogram is useful to evaluate the introduction, development, adaptation, and spread possibilities for living species in the areas under study. 

For it construction it is plotted in the X axis the monthly averages of one climatic variable (temperature, humidity, precipitation, etc) and in the Y axis the monthly averages of the other variable, joining the 12 points, forming a polygon of each area



  •  Opens several datasets for simultaneous climograms (data can be copied/pasted, from/to Word, Excel, etc)
  • Classic and line/bar climogram
  •  Personalizes graphs (markers, line type, thickness and and color, scales, ticks, decimals, etc)
  • Transposes axes X and Y
  • Calculates superposed climograms areas  (similarity index)


VB6 Runtimes library

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Unzip de files in any directory and run setup.exe


Sample data file (4k)  (If your system uses dot (.) as decimal separator)

Sample data file (4k)  (If your system uses comma (,) as decimal separator)

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